2006 Year end review

In 2006, RUT performed the best followed by INDU and S&P 500. QQQQ recovered the 10% loss from the mid-year and ended up more than 5%.

Both QQQQ and RUT are in the overhead resistence levels, only INDU and S&P 500 broke out. INDU is at all-time high and S&P 500 is about 100 points away from its all-time high.

Market At Glance

Market at glance:
Best performing sectors from last three months are Gold & Silver and Broker & Dealers, followed by Dow Jones Industrial and Russell 2000.

DJIA – Dow Jones Industrial
DJUA – Dow Jones Utilities
DJTA – Dow Jones Transport
SP500 – S&P 500
RUT – Russell 2000
XCI – Technology
IIX – Internet
XBD – Broker & Dealers
XOI – Oil & Gas
XAU – Gold & Silver


JANSX continued to move up after a little dip. I actually closed my JANSX position (+6.13%) at that dip as I thought that it had reversed and didn’t want to wait for another confirmation. It has a major resistence at 24.

PMCGX is at 52-week high right now. I closed it at the same time when I closed JANSX. Bad move! The next resistence is at 25.

As we approach the 2004 year end, my current 401(k) has 75% in a stable value fund (earning a little over 4%) and 25% in international funds with exposure to Europe and Asia Pacific. I have always maintained at least 25% cash in this account.
The overall return is YTD 9.6%, compared to JANSX 1.75%, PMCGX 14.13%, TEMFX 13.18%, AEPGX 14.43%, S&P 500 about 6%, QQQ about 8%, RUT about 14% and INDU about 1%.


QQQ, RUT and SPX are all at or close to their 52 week high. The only exception is the INDU, which is breaking out from its downtrend line. Today’s rally were wide spread, but the volumes were at about average levels. Whether or not the overhead resistences can be taken out it remains to be seen in the comming days. As the election was over, traders and invetors alike move their focus back to routine aspects.

The vertical spread on QQQ Nov calls opened a while ago has increased its value to 0.85 or 100%. If the QQQ stays above 37, it can reach maximum profit of 1.15 or 135%.