How to short Bond market

If you think the bond market is close to its top, you might consider shorting it. How? Here’s one way to short bond – buy this Rydex Juno fund (RYJUX) (annual expense ratio 1.4%). The downside risk is that the interest rate may go even lower or stay low for a while. The upside is that the interest rate moves higher.

Taking profits

The market went up again. Both NASDAQ and DOW are almost at their 52 week highs. Although it could move higher, there is nothing wrong taking profits here.

Closed IBM, CSCO and LOW positions.


I did some research on ETFs for fixed income and market exposure in China at ETFConnect. Here’s the list:

  • TFT – ETF Advisor Trust Treasury 1 Fixed Income Trust Receipts: it can be used as cash equivalent, and currently yields about 1.26%. Edit: I found out today that TFT was closed for liquidation at AMEXTrader.
  • GCH – Greater China Fund, Inc: Other 6.10%, China 24.60%, Taiwan 30.70% (% for COUNTRY DIVERSIFICATION)
  • CHN – China Fund: China

    United States


    Hong Kong
    47.10% (too little exposure in China)

  • JFC – Jardine Fleming China Region Fund: China


    Hong Kong

  • TCH – Templeton China World Fund: Taiwan

    Hong Kong


  • The market moved higher in the morning then gave up most of gains and ended slightly higher. Profit taking maybe …

    A lot of selling on MSFT pushed price to drop 0.38 in volume of almost 100 million shares.


    I read Hitman’s Hitlist quite often. It’s a interesting saga of love affair, trading, and many things in life.

    The market went up a bunch today after consumer confidence and new housing start data was released. DOW ended @8,781.35, NASDAQ @1,556.69, Russel @427.71 and S&P @951.48.

    Targets: IBM @90, CSCO @16.6, MSFT @26 and LOW @42 (gap down as resistence).