1.25 point last night. 1 point today. Mostly it’s done by auto-pilot, that is, the order was set up and run its course (stopped out or hit the target). No monitoring and no emotion either.

USX China Index

For those who are interested in emerging market in China, here’s the new USX China Index (United States Exchange China Index). It is comprised of companies whose common stock is publicly traded in the United States and whose primary business is conducted within China.


Closed GE at loss. GE lowered projection for the Q4, which probably explained in hindsight why it didn’t move up much once it hit 31 (obviously people with inside information were unloading at 31 level therefore the resistence could not be broken) and original target of 32 was DOA. Using a scale in/out strategy would probably work better since we would book partial profits at 31 level.