In the Future Shipping Containers Will Ship Battery Packs

When the new battery technology finally delivers great energy capacity and very low cost, remotely produced electricity will be transported in shipping containers like we ship commodities and goods across the oceans today.

Picture this: in the tropical desert of Africa where solar farms produce electricity which is stored in battery packs, which are then transported across the continent to Asia, Europe and North America where electricity is needed.

Waiting for Maxxum 8D or 9D

I’m waiting for the next DSLR model 8D/9D or upgrade on the current 7D with 8 MegaPixel from KM. The possible 9D might be out of my range (under $2500) for a DSLR in a year. I suspect the price on DSLR will continue to drop as more advanced sensors are developped. DSLR will be more like computer that the price has been steady but with much more features, bigger memory & hardrive, and greater computing power.

Lost Connectivity

The connectivity to this site was lost on May 27 and restored today. The ISP’s service is really bad. They sent many crews trying to fix the problem, but none was responsible for making sure the probelm was fixed. I ended up managing it for them! I called their support center to make sure each work order was completed and new work order was created until the problem was finally resolved. One significant factor for such long delay is that they create a new ticket whenever a call to the support center is made, therefore, it’s subject to waiting in the queues.