RHAT has filled its gap. The gap is the big resistence for it to move through it. I expect that it will come down when the buyers would start selling at break even point after they were trapped by the big gap down! I will long some puts starting from here. The target is 20-21 and stop is 23.5.


GSF reached the upper channel and was psuhed back from the resistence. Its’ forming a descending triangle, very bearish.

Trying latest Mono …

I’m working on installing Mono again. This time, I will install Red Hat 9.0 on a Virtual PC and then install Mono RedHat 9 RPMs directly. My goal is to test ASP.NET on Mono to get a feel for its performance compared to Windows .NET.

On a Virtual PC, you can install any kind of OS on a Windows box. It’s pretty cool to test any new systems before installing them in a production box.

VPC does not support shared folder addition on Linux, so I have to set up Samba file share from the RH9 as file drop folder.


MSFT is right at the resistence level. In light of next week feds decision on interest hike, I closed a long position opened at 25.32 on March 26.

Looking longer term, MSFT has had this breakout from its intermediate-term downtrend and it is approaching the long-term resistence at 30. From the rising triangle, let’s watch if it breaks out to the up side.