I closed a RHAT Jan 15 Put position on Monday, which was a basic scratch trade. Today, it dropped like a rock! It stopped at the lower Bollinger Band and stochastic also stayed in the over-sold territory.


LFC is building a tight base nicely It may break out again.

RHAT continues to its move and it’s at the edge of breaking out. I have almost completed my scaling out. I left some money on the table as I underestimated the strength of current move, but I had to lock in some profits when it’s more than 100%! I still hold a few calls on Dec 12.5 (deep ITM) and Dec 15 (ITM).

QQQQ (its ticker was changed after moving to NASDAQ from AMEX) is at its 3-year high (the comment in the chart was wrong after looking it more carefully) right now although it has not made much move during these four long years! Looking back at those dot com booming years, there is still a long way to go back to its old glory. I should’ve not sold my QQQQ Dec 39 calls though. I’m always nervious when it’s at peak and worried about it’s topping. To work around it, I choose to scale in/out in multiple lots.

RHAT Breakout

It’s breaking out from the tight range fueled by recent analysts’ upgrades. I’m scaling out my Dev 12.5 calls and will keep Dev 15 calls.