HNP is now in overbought condition. However, the volume has picked up a little. The next resistence is around 32. I’m ready to sell my May 30 calls.

GOOG downgraded

goog-2005-02-24.gifGOOG was downgraded. It dropped 10 point intraday. It’s again sitting right at the upend trend line. I have opened a position on GOOG Apr 200 Call at 5.6. Apr 200 Call closed at 6.1. The white candle looks good after the hugh gap down this morning. What I read from it is that there’re a lot of buying at this level despite the big drop.


LOW broke its support at the SMA20. It’s going towards the lower bound of this range.

Is it time to get in SUNW again? Not now, let’s wait until we see the support above 4 is held and after it comes out some kind of stablization period.