Market At Glance

Market at glance:
Best performing sectors from last three months are Gold & Silver and Broker & Dealers, followed by Dow Jones Industrial and Russell 2000.

DJIA – Dow Jones Industrial
DJUA – Dow Jones Utilities
DJTA – Dow Jones Transport
SP500 – S&P 500
RUT – Russell 2000
XCI – Technology
IIX – Internet
XBD – Broker & Dealers
XOI – Oil & Gas
XAU – Gold & Silver

Karen Carpenter

I ordered a Carpenters Gold – 35th Anniversary Edition CD set for my wife as Christmas gift from Both of us love Karen Carpenter’s songs very much. I first heard her songs on cassette in 1983 the year she died (Feb 4, 1983). There was no Internet then, we had limited access to the world, mostly through short-wave radio or some printed media. So I knew very little about herself other than her crystal clear, amazingly beautiful voice, and wonderful melodies.

To get free shipping, I ordered another CD for myself,
Yo-Yo Ma’s Sinfonia Concertante/Tchiakovsky: Variations on a Rococo Theme/Andante Cantabile

Laptop Internet Connetivity via SE T610 and Bluetooth

I have successfully configured my SE T610 via a Bluetooth USB adapter to connect my PC to the internet using T-Mobile GPRS.

Here’s my setup.

  • Laptop PC (Windows 2003 Enterprise Server)
  • Sabrent 2.4 GHz USB Dongle USB Adapter (I bought from AxionTech for $16.95 this afternoon)
  • Sony Ericsson T610
  • T-Mobile T-Zones Unlimited Plan ($4.99/month)

    Installation steps:

  • Install Bluetooth Software for the USB adapter
  • Pair the device (be sure to select a passkey to secure the connection, confgiure the services for the cell phone as bluetooth device, select Dial-up Networking)
  • Configure the Dial-up Networking (select PPP connection and set the phone number to *99***2#; no need to set up user id and password)
  • Add a new data account in SE T61o Connectivity/Data Comm (APN:, CID will be 2. if not, change the dial up phone number according. The digit before the # is the CID number)
  • Click on T610 Dial-up Networking on PC. It should show connection up quickly if everything is configured OK

    I am getting 38 kbps through Road Runner Speed Test. Compared to 2655 kbps over a broadband connection. It’s very slow, but it’s fast enough for usage on-the-go.

    And it’s so hard to believe that I can use HTTPS on the PC while T-Mobile blocks HTTPS on the cell phone. It’s very hard to comprehend what T-Mobile is going after.