Laptop Internet Connetivity via SE T610 and Bluetooth

I have successfully configured my SE T610 via a Bluetooth USB adapter to connect my PC to the internet using T-Mobile GPRS.

Here’s my setup.

  • Laptop PC (Windows 2003 Enterprise Server)
  • Sabrent 2.4 GHz USB Dongle USB Adapter (I bought from AxionTech for $16.95 this afternoon)
  • Sony Ericsson T610
  • T-Mobile T-Zones Unlimited Plan ($4.99/month)

    Installation steps:

  • Install Bluetooth Software for the USB adapter
  • Pair the device (be sure to select a passkey to secure the connection, confgiure the services for the cell phone as bluetooth device, select Dial-up Networking)
  • Configure the Dial-up Networking (select PPP connection and set the phone number to *99***2#; no need to set up user id and password)
  • Add a new data account in SE T61o Connectivity/Data Comm (APN:, CID will be 2. if not, change the dial up phone number according. The digit before the # is the CID number)
  • Click on T610 Dial-up Networking on PC. It should show connection up quickly if everything is configured OK

    I am getting 38 kbps through Road Runner Speed Test. Compared to 2655 kbps over a broadband connection. It’s very slow, but it’s fast enough for usage on-the-go.

    And it’s so hard to believe that I can use HTTPS on the PC while T-Mobile blocks HTTPS on the cell phone. It’s very hard to comprehend what T-Mobile is going after.

  • Sony Ericsson T610 and T-Mobile T-Zones Email Setup

    With the $4.99 Unlimited T-Zones plan, I’m able to set up email access to corporate email and personal email via POP3 and SMTP. However, RoadRunner’s SMTP does not work, so I can only read emails from RR.

    I have managed to login IB’s Mobile Trader, which requires SSL, with T-Zones GPRS security ON, but none of the links works after login.

    Interestingly, according to T-Mobile, we can only access corporate email with its $9.99 Unlimited T-Zones plan.

    T610 and WAP Security

    I’m spending the weekends researching options on WAP security with my Sony Ericsson T610. I signed up a plan with T-Mobile with its T-Zones, which supports GPRS for web browsing, email, SMS and MMS. T610 also supports Bluetooth and IR connectivity. Using Bluetooth is really easy, there’s nothing to configure other than turn on the Bluetooth. Setting up IR with a PC is more challenging since it involves with PC and modem driver issue. I’m gonna get a Bluetooth USB adapter instead.

    While playing with the phone, I found that the four trusted CA certificates were gone for reason unknown. I did do a master reset after changing many settings. Trying to figure out how to install trusted CA certificates looks impossible. I found no useful information on Google, Sony Ericsson and T-Mobile sites. Calls to the T-Mobile tech support were not helpful either.

    I can not connect to T-Zones with security turned on. With security turned off, browsing web works, but I can not login into passort site, nor any other msn mobile sites such as hotmail and msn messenger.

    I start to think that maybe T-Mobile does not support secured T-Zones on its unlimited T-Zones plan. It does have another unlimited T-Zones Pro plan, which supports additional WAP gateway other than T-Mobile’s.