ES Fill In Locked Market

I was bidding 1484.75 during 4:30 and 5PM when there was sudden drop and somehow the market crossed. I was attempting to lower my bids but was also afraid of unknown states that might be causing on my orders at Globex so they were left alone. When the market finally was moving again, my fill reports showed three executions at 1483.25, which were much improved!

Trading ES

I used to set up SMA 5/10/20 with Stochastic Slow and Volume on the candlestick charts. Since last Nov in 2012, my setup has been just simple candlestick chart with volume. No average or any other technical indicators.

The order type I use most often is Buy/Sell w/Target order. I don’t usually use stop. When the market is too volatile, I then use Bracket order to have both target and stop set up.

I use Book Trader in mobileTWS. It would be perfect if it can support charting with real-time streaming quotes. Right now, I have to manually force chart refreshing by changing bar size back and forth!