LFC rose 1.33 today in every high volume. It’s testing the overhead resistence again. The next major resistence is at 30.

SUNW continued its ascending, but it backed off from 4.54 intraday high and ended at 4.47.

LU was very active traded today, over 100 million shares! It looks like that it’s posing for a breakout. From the two-day 15 minute char, we can see that buying was persistent.


SUNW is approaching its major resistence once again. The volume is decent, maybe this time it can break out from 4.5. However, I’m selling into this rally. Sold covered calls on my long term position.

Sony Ericsson T610 and T-Mobile T-Zones Email Setup

With the $4.99 Unlimited T-Zones plan, I’m able to set up email access to corporate email and personal email via POP3 and SMTP. However, RoadRunner’s SMTP does not work, so I can only read emails from RR.

I have managed to login IB’s Mobile Trader, which requires SSL, with T-Zones GPRS security ON, but none of the links works after login.

Interestingly, according to T-Mobile, we can only access corporate email with its $9.99 Unlimited T-Zones plan.