ES Scalping …

Tonight, 4 round-trips (two longs and two shorts), all winners. Gained 2 point in 1.5 hours. ES moved back and forth between 996.25 and 995.

BTW, scaled out QQQ Oct 32 Puts opened a while ago. It’s a losing position, but this recent drop is definitely an opportunity to reduce the loss.


Stopped out at 27.96, but it then went up to 28.93:-(. Should have considered SSF traded about 15 cents below the underlying, so the stop would be lower, say 27.85?

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SUNW warns …

Sun Microsystems warns on Q1. SUNW dropped 10% in after hour trading. Glad to be stopped out @3.88 last week!

Didn’t get chance to go long on SOHU since it went up 10% today.