Unlocking Sony Ericsson T610

I bought a terminator dongle on EBay to unlock my SE T610 cell phone. The first trial failed since the software didn’t work on Windows 2003 Server. I got “Phone Not Power Up” error. Then I tried DIV4 from the instruction and got “Error 101”. I switched to my laptop and it worked nicely. So I unlocked the phone and flashed it with new firmware R4C003 US3 and Standard Modem R4C003. Lastly I un-branded it so it has the OEM version of everything.

During the flashing process, my laptop lost power due to used up battery:-( Luckily, everything was fine eventually. Now I have the latest firmware R6B and finally get rid of those “predefined contents” that I could not delete previously. The free memory is about 2.7MB now.


Triggered by OPEC’s cut in oil production, all indexes dropped a lot. Although they were above or at support levels, the increased volume was troublesome.

EBAY hit the target @56 though the intraday high was 57.2. Left a lot of money on the table due to lack of time on watching the market closely.

Long: QQQ Oct 32 Puts, SNP (target 28 and trail 2), SUNW (trail 0.3) and MSFT SSF (target 31.5 and stop 28).


EBAY intraday high was 57, but the sell order’s condition was not met. So I still long EBAY SSF. The order is changed to two market sell orders with the conditions of EBAY last price <= 54.5 or >= 56.1. The long tail on the candle looks bearish though, which is why the lower limit is set to 54.5. It’s hard to set trail stop on SSF since it’s not traded often, therefore, the trailing does not work.

Edit: Looking at the intraday chart, the 57 print was not shown there. It might be a misprint on other quote source.

Scalping ES During AH

I have been doing some experiment on scalping ES at night. The result has been great. All winners no loser. Most of time, ES does not move a lot. I guess it could move big if there’s news from other part of world where it’s daytime. I plan to write a program to automate the scalping.

EBAY: Target 56 and Stop raised from 50 to 52 since it moved in my favor (half point above break even point).