HFT is killing eMini?

Nanex had an article on this subject. You can google it.

Apparently it has not killed scalping. I have been doing some in the past weeks and it is working beautifully. It could be new guy’s charm or luck. Definitely it feels much better than years ago.

My current strategy is based on 1 min and 5 min charts plus watching other longer time frames for bigger trends or pending price reversals. I’m also watching other major indexes and futures to sense overall markets.

Scalping ES

I was bored during time off so I started scalping es. The difference from years ago is that I can do it from my iPhone with Interactive Brokers mobile app. Quite a feat!


1 point tonight. Two shorts: 1046.75 and 1046.5. Covered them at 1046.25 and 1046. The stop was set at 1048.5 way above recent high 1047.

It’s been profitable on ES front although scalping is just picking the pennies. I may venture into swing trade over a few days or a week horizon. What would be the target and stop for swing trade? I guess I would risk no more than 1-2% of the capital on each trade. The setups will be two: trend following using SMA 5 and 20, and Bollinger Bands/Slow Stochastic. I’m using the same setup trading other stocks and options.

Bot SUNW Jan04 at 4.05, rolling over Nov contracts to Jan.

Other than a long position on SUNW, almost 100% is in cash right now.


Scalped out a deficit of $200. Scalping worked better for me. Bot AMZN Nov 55 Puts.

Scalping ES

Tonight, ES moved between 1026.25 and 1025.25. Six round trips for 1.5 point. Each tick is $12.5 – $4.8 = $7.7. The commission cost is too high for this kind of scalping. However, it does not require much attention or time attending the scalping process. You can scalp it while reading a book or blog on the web:-)