Stopped out @ 3.88. SNP stalled, let’s get out in light of current market correction. SOHU is approaching support level at 30, if it holds up, then go long again with target 35 annd stop right below 30.


Triggered by OPEC’s cut in oil production, all indexes dropped a lot. Although they were above or at support levels, the increased volume was troublesome.

EBAY hit the target @56 though the intraday high was 57.2. Left a lot of money on the table due to lack of time on watching the market closely.

Long: QQQ Oct 32 Puts, SNP (target 28 and trail 2), SUNW (trail 0.3) and MSFT SSF (target 31.5 and stop 28).

Scalping ES

Tonight, ES moved between 1026.25 and 1025.25. Six round trips for 1.5 point. Each tick is $12.5 – $4.8 = $7.7. The commission cost is too high for this kind of scalping. However, it does not require much attention or time attending the scalping process. You can scalp it while reading a book or blog on the web:-)


Bought SNP @ 26.42. It gapped up this morning bouncing from the spoort at 25. Target 28 and stop 25.

Yesterday, opened long positions in the mutual funds PIMCO MidCap, Loomis Sayles SmallCap Value and Templeton Foreign.