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2004 Prius …

I’m thinking about buying a 2004 Prius, the hybrid vehicle powered by a gasoline engine and electric motor. It’s priced around $20k with size similar to a Camery, actually, slightly smaller . According to some reviews, it passes better than similar car, but takes longer to go from 0 to 60 mph. It starts with the electric motor up to 20 mph then the gasoline engine kicks in. The battery is recharged while you are driving, so there’s no need to recharge it manully. When you brake, the electric motor works as a generator that recharges the battery to get better fuel efficiency.

It runs at 2002 EPA estimated 52 city/45 highway/48 combined mpg and you can get $2k tax deduction from IRS.

Plugin Architecture

Today is the last day of my five-week architecture project at AspenTech. We have completed a very flexible and extensible architecture design with a working prototype for highly integrated desktop application framework and runtime infrastructure used in the process control and online optimiation applications.

At its core, it’s so-called Plugin concept that enables the runtime to be configured based on meta data. The runtime starts with an empty stack with some minimal bootstrap to discover and load the plugins. All the application functionalities are provided by the plugins. The plugins can work together based on the meta data instructions.

We have provided a set of default plugins to interpret the meta data, support a sophiscated GUI interface that utilizes the Model-View-Control design pattern. There’s a default Undo/Redo stack. All operations can be undone/redone. The object persistence is available as well.

The techniques used are XML seralization, object serialization, reflection, code generation, dynamic evaluation, etc. The prototype is implemented in C#. We have been using Extreme Programming and Pair Programming via Net Meeting all the time. The results are very good.