I tried first time to buy some photo items from eBay. I have a Minolta 7xi. I like to add Child and Travel cards so my wife can use the camera without any additional adjustment on the camera. Most of time, we just use it as point and shoot. With Child and Travel cards, it would be easier to just point and shoot and get nice pictures during traveling or playing with kids.

It’s amazing to see the price to buy the same camera has dropped a lot. I paid about $600 for the body in 1993. You can get the same one with $150 now, though it would be probably used one.

The top of line on Minolta now is Minolta Dimage 7Hi 5.2MP costing about $1,000. Nikon has Nikon D100 . Nikon D1X is the professional D-SLR. And Canon has a whopping 11 MP Canon EOS-1Ds. Wow!

Maybe it’s time to buy a digital. If cost factor is put aside, I would go for Nikon D100 for sure.

Here’re the snapshots. Both Canon and Nikon carry on the traditional body desgin, but Minolta chooses a desgin similar to Olympus.