INDU suffered 173 point loss today. SPX lost more than 17 and NDX lost more than 21. All major markets moved downward.

INDU has been performing better than NASDAQ this year.


LFC reversed a little bit after it gapped down when the news came out about SEC formal probe.

SUNW is under pressure after today’s downgrade. I would close my position if it drops below 5 (It lost over 5% today, previously it’s 25% gain). I was tempting to sell it at 5.5 last week, but changed mind at last minute as I was thinking that it might break out from 5.5. I guess that there were people who were unloading positions around 5.5 to keep it under selling pressure. I would be a buyer again at lower price, say 4.7.

HNP resolved this triangle to the downside.

Unlocking Sony Ericsson T610

I bought a terminator dongle on EBay to unlock my SE T610 cell phone. The first trial failed since the software didn’t work on Windows 2003 Server. I got “Phone Not Power Up” error. Then I tried DIV4 from the instruction and got “Error 101”. I switched to my laptop and it worked nicely. So I unlocked the phone and flashed it with new firmware R4C003 US3 and Standard Modem R4C003. Lastly I un-branded it so it has the OEM version of everything.

During the flashing process, my laptop lost power due to used up battery:-( Luckily, everything was fine eventually. Now I have the latest firmware R6B and finally get rid of those “predefined contents” that I could not delete previously. The free memory is about 2.7MB now.