PMCGX is PIMCO’s mid cap growth fund available in my long-term account. Here’re the trades in the past 12 months. I simply buy at support levels and sell at the resistence levels. Currently I’m long and look for opportunity to close it around 21 or I will sell early if it goes below 19.65.

PMCGX YTD performance is -0.05%, my PMCGX YTD is 1.92%.

Some info on stable value funds …

Here’re some facts and links that may help anyone who is researching on stable value funds.

Personally, I put all the cash in my 401(k) into a GIC, which works just like a money market fund as sweep account to trade other mutual funds in the 401(k) account. Currently it yields a little over 4% annually.

Stable Value Funds

Preserve principal and earn a stable rate of return. Their current average yield is around 4%.

Funds own high-quality asset-backed securities, corporate bonds, U.S. Treasuries.

Funds have returned 7.19% annually over the past 10 years, vs. 5.28% for money market funds and 8.45% for taxable bond funds.

The links in no particular order:

  • SEC Splotligh on Stable Value funds
  • How to short Bond market

    If you think the bond market is close to its top, you might consider shorting it. How? Here’s one way to short bond – buy this Rydex Juno fund (RYJUX) (annual expense ratio 1.4%). The downside risk is that the interest rate may go even lower or stay low for a while. The upside is that the interest rate moves higher.


    I did some research on ETFs for fixed income and market exposure in China at ETFConnect. Here’s the list:

  • TFT – ETF Advisor Trust Treasury 1 Fixed Income Trust Receipts: it can be used as cash equivalent, and currently yields about 1.26%. Edit: I found out today that TFT was closed for liquidation at AMEXTrader.
  • GCH – Greater China Fund, Inc: Other 6.10%, China 24.60%, Taiwan 30.70% (% for COUNTRY DIVERSIFICATION)
  • CHN – China Fund: China

    United States


    Hong Kong
    47.10% (too little exposure in China)

  • JFC – Jardine Fleming China Region Fund: China


    Hong Kong

  • TCH – Templeton China World Fund: Taiwan

    Hong Kong


  • The market moved higher in the morning then gave up most of gains and ended slightly higher. Profit taking maybe …

    A lot of selling on MSFT pushed price to drop 0.38 in volume of almost 100 million shares.

    Swing Trades 401(k) Portfolio

    I learned from co-worker that our company’s 401(k) plan allows end-of-day trading. Previously I thought it would only post transactions once every month, which would make swing trade very hard. My plan is to select a few mutual funds as trading vehicles and swing trade them. Holding time will be weeks or months. The goal is to catch big trends. All cashes will be swept into GIC fund accruing interest daily.

    Sold 30% position on OAKMX at DOW resistence level 8500; OAKMX follows DOW closely; sell 1/2 position at next level 8700-8800 or if current uptrend reverses.

    Hold LSCRX which follows RUT closely. It’s still in uptrend.